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Port St. Lucie, FL Thermostats

Finding the Right Thermostat For Your Home

Controlling the temperature in your home should be as simple as switching on a light.

With the right thermostat you can enjoy cool and comfortable indoor air and humidity levels 24 hours a day.[READ MORE +]

  Despite its small size and relatively low price tag, your thermostat is a critical component in the effectiveness and efficiency of your AC system.  Having the right Thermostat on the Treasure Coast is essential to make sure your AC is operating as efficiently as possible.  From simple digital thermostats to cloud-enabled smart models, our Technicians at Speedy can help you choose the right one for your home and budget.

Sensi Smart Thermostats

These easy to use Smart Thermostats connect to an app on your phone.  The app lets you simply set and forget it to keep your home at the perfect temperature throughout the day. You can adjust the temperature while away at work or turn it on for your kids as they’re returning from school.  Did you forget to turn the AC down while heading on vacation?  Turn it down on your phone from the airport.

There are two versions of Sensi Thermostats – Sensi Smart (ST55) and Sensi Smart Touch (ST75).  Both connect to the Sensi smart-phone app to give you control over your home’s temperature - wherever you are.  If you prefer not to use the app, they both function like a traditional thermostat while still offering potential energy savings.

Many of our customers have told us their Sensi has paid for itself after noticing decreases on their energy bills.  Whether you’re installing a completely new system with Speedy AC or simply want to upgrade your Thermostat, ask your Technician about Sensi.  Our AC Techs are happy to give you more details and install one in your home.

Classic Style Thermostats

Are you looking for an inexpensive Thermostat with just a few settings?  Our standard programmable Emerson Thermostat might be the way to go.  While we love Sensi Thermostats, not everyone wants all the Bells.

Digital Programmable Thermostats are still common on the Treasure Coast and often have a timer setting so you can set your AC to run and turn off at certain times throughout the day.  While this isn’t as fine-tuned as modern Smart Thermostats, they can still offer energy savings when used properly.

If you’d like to learn more about installing a classic thermostat in your home, call us at 772-871-1560 or talk to one of our Technicians while they’re at your home.

An AC Problem May Just Be a Bad Thermostat

Your Thermostat plays an important role by keeping your home at the right temperature.  Surprisingly, many problems you may think are your AC System might just be a bad thermostat.

If you find that your heating and cooling system never seems to adjust to the correct temperature, it could be as simple as removing your old thermostat and putting a new one in its place. Even if your thermostat still technically works, it may be worth considering a replacement.  Upgrading to a Smart Thermostat gives you many advantages and can lead to energy-savings on your bills.

Contact our staff today and learn more about our Thermostats.  Our Professional AC Technicians are proud to serve the greater Port St. Lucie area, including Hobe Sound, Vero Beach, Jensen Beach, Fort Pierce, Palm City, Stuart, FL & neighboring communities.  To see if we service your area, contact us at 772-871-1560.