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Port St. Lucie, FL Ductless Air Conditioning Services

Many residents in Port St. Lucie and the Treasure Coast are installing Mini-Splits or ductless AC systems. 

Treasure Coast homes often have central air, but the ducts don’t always extend to their garages or sheds.

These versatile AC units are used to efficiently cool small spaces without having to install ductwork.  Often used by hotels, many people have recently started installing them in their homes as a way to cool their garages and use the extra space.[READ MORE +]

  Whether you want to use your garage as an extra play room for kids, workshop or yoga studio, a Mini-Split will keep it cool so you can stay comfortable during the hottest Summer days.

Reclaim your garage and keep it cool with an affordable mini-split from Speedy AC Service.

Need a ductless Mini-Split for your garage?  Speedy AC installs Mini-Splits in Port St. Lucie and the Treasure Coast.

What is Ductless Air Conditioning?

Many homeowners associate whole house heating and cooling systems with ductwork. Whether or not you’ve come across ductless air conditioning before, it is a great way to convert your garage or shed into a usable space year-round.  Ductless ACs (or Mini Splits) are a ’room specific’ cooling solution.  If a room in your house doesn’t have coverage from your main air-conditioner or you only want to cool one room in your house, a Mini-Split is an affordable way to cool specific parts of your home. This gives you greater control over your comfort and can cut down on the amount of energy used compared to a full-scale AC with ducting.

Why and where do people use Mini-Splits?

  • To cool their garages during the Summer
  • If a room in their house isn’t cooling enough
  • To cool a workshop or shed
  • A home addition or renovation
  • New construction tiny homes
  • To cool their cottages

Because of their small size and ability to control the temperature of an individual room, Mini-Splits are a versatile way to cool sections of your home that may not be covered by an existing AC system.  The best part of these systems is they give you more space to work, play and live - all within your existing home.

Speedy AC INstalls Mini-Splits in Port St Lucie and the Treasure Coast.

Ductless Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

Speedy AC Port St Lucie Ductless Air ConditioningOur team is ready to help you make the right home comfort decision.

We’ll make sure that you select a make and model that appropriately matches the size and layout of your home or space for maximum performance and energy efficiency. 

There may come a time when your ductless AC no longer fulfills your cooling needs.  Sometimes it’s a great way to start but some residents in Port St. Lucie and the Treasure Coast will end up purchasing a full Ducted AC System. We can make sure that your existing Mini-Split system is assessed. Our trustworthy sales professionals can also help you decide whether it may be time to move to a full AC with ductwork or to keep your Mini-Split.

Ductless Air Conditioning Repair

Is your Ductless Mini-split exhibiting any of the following symptoms?

  • Making a strange sound during operation
  • Failing to keep your space as cool as you want
  • Struggling with a sudden and unexpected rise in your energy bill

It may be time to call on our team of professional Service Techs. We’ll bring your system back to life with our Ductless air conditioning repair services.  

Ductless Air Conditioner Brands We Service and Install

We install and service Mitsubishi and Daikin ductless AC systems throughout the Treasure Coast.

Interested in a new ductless mini split?  Contact us today by calling 772-871-1560.

Speedy Air Conditioning Service provides ductless air conditioning services in Port St. Lucie, FL and the surrounding areas.