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Here’s Why It’s Important to Pay Attention to Your IAQ


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If you’re a homeowner here in Port St. Lucie, you should be concerned about the quality of your indoor air. Unfortunately, it’s something that’s pretty hard to maintain because there’s so many factors that can impact it negatively. Things like pet dander, dirt, dust, and even household supplies all bring the quality of your air down.

If you’re looking for the right air conditioning system for your needs, make sure that you contact our team here at Speedy Air Conditioning Service. We’re a reliable source for all your indoor air quality needs.

How Your Indoor Air Quality Affects You

Worsened Allergies: Spring is right around the corner and you know what that means—seasonal allergies. If you have allergies you know how irritating wheezing, coughing, and watery eyes can be. You have to deal with it pretty much any time you’re outside during this season and poor indoor air quality can mimic these problems. Installing the right indoor air quality system in your home can help your space become a safe haven away from all the spring allergy symptoms.

Longer and More Persistent Colds: One of the worst side effects to low indoor air quality is longer and more persistent colds. If your indoor air quality isn’t up to par, it can be much easier for you to get sick. For example, if your home is really dry in winter, then your body is going to be dehydrated too. This means that your sinuses dry out, crack, and make it much easier for you to contract colds. Living in an environment with low indoor air quality also means that it’s much harder to get over a cold once you have one.

In addition to this, air filled with pollen, dander, and bacteria is incredibly bad for your health too. It can make breathing more laborious and even cause side effects like headaches. Make sure that you have the right systems in place to combat these issues.

Damaged Furnishings: If your home is too dry or too humid it can negatively affect the furnishings in your home. Here in Florida, we’re very familiar with the “too humid” side of the spectrum, so we’ll begin with this. When your air is too humid, it creates an environment where mold and bacteria can flourish. If your air is too dry, your wooden furnishings will start to dry out, mar, or crack. Make sure you keep your home at a balanced equilibrium with clean air so that you can always breathe easy.

Watch Out for These! Factors That Lower Your IAQ

If you’re not sure what the best indoor air quality system is for your home, make sure you contact a professional from our team. All our technicians are extensively trained and educated so that they can provide you with the best HVAC services available.

If you’d like to install an air filtration system in your Port St. Lucie, FL home then make sure that you contact our technicians here at Speedy Air Conditioning Service.

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