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5 Signs That You Need an Air Purifier

For the most part, your home seems to be fairing pretty well, but it always just seems like there’s something missing. When we hear these types of complaints from homeowners, we like to direct them to the world of indoor air quality. If you don’t already have an indoor air quality system in your home, then this is certainly what you’re missing.

We suggest an air purifier in Stuart, FL. We like these systems because they’re so effective all while being easy on the home. If you’re interested in an air purifier, keep reading below. If you want even more information, you can also schedule an appointment with our team members.

You Need an Air Purifier If…

Sometimes it can be a guessing game if you actually need an air purifier. We’re here to make it as clear as possible.

1. Your Allergies Are Bad

We all know that allergy season comes along with spring. That’s why it’s so confusing that it seems to be allergy season all year-round for you. To make matters even more confusing, you notice that your allergies are the worst when you’re at home.

What if we told you this wasn’t something that you should blame on seasonal allergies? What’s actually happening is the contaminants in your home are prickling you and causing you to feel like you have seasonal allergies.

2. Your Home Smells Foul

Your home just smells … bad. Let’s be frank. It could smell better. You’re confused by the scent because you’re clean, tidy, and you even light a scented candle or two in the evening. The odors in the air are lingering though.

Lingering odors are a symptom of poor IAQ. A great air purifier can help rid your home of this.

3. There’s Mold Growing

Have you noticed mold growing in your home? We’re not exactly strangers to this in swampy Florida. You might not be shocked by this in your bathroom either. You never want to see mold in your home. If you do, you absolutely need to consider an IAQ system.

4. There’s High Humidity

As Florida residents, we’re pretty used to humidity. But one place that you shouldn’t be accustomed to humidity in is your home. If you notice that you’re feeling a little sticky, then it’s due to poor indoor air quality. An air purifier can actually be your first step in regulating this.

5. There Are High Levels of Dust

You’re dusting all the time. Although you like to stay on top of the dust in your home, you’ve noticed that it accumulates at a fast pace. You can’t turn around for a second without another one of your flat surfaces being covered in a layer of dust. You even see the particles floating around in your peripheral vision.

Lots of dust is actually a symptom of poor indoor air quality. An air purifier can help you suck up all the dust in your home and keep it out of your air.

Contact Speedy Air Conditioning Service today to schedule an appointment with our team. We are happy to help.

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