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What Can Help Your Heater

gas-burnerThe holidays are here, and the weather is cold out. Mid-60s is the Fort Pierce version of a cold front. We know that you’re shivering out there when you hop out of bed in the morning or when you’re walking from your car to your door. This is the perfect time of year to figure out some tips to keep your home warm.

We have a full team of heating technicians who specialize in HVAC in Fort Pierce, FL. If you ever need service that’s more hands-on than these tips, then we’re here to provide you with it. We’re a responsible team you can trust for your heating needs this winter.

Vital Heating Tips

These are a few simple ways to help your home’s heater stay high-efficiency and effective.

1. Schedule an Appointment for Maintenance

Florida weather is a little tricky because our warm weather season is most of the year. This means that you’re probably not going to call for heating maintenance work in September like most people would in other states. Everyone else is starting to feel the chilly weather then, but we can still be on the beach in flip flops. Now though, it’s definitely time to call a heating technician for maintenance work. Maintenance keeps your home happy and efficient.

2. Replace Your Filter

Your heater and air conditioner both have a filter in the unit. This filter is there to keep your heater and/or your air conditioner clean and ready to operate. As a homeowner, this is something you can do all on your own. Replacing your filter once every season keeps your home in top-notch shape. You can avoid a myriad of unnecessary repair issues.

3. Turn Your Thermostat Down

We know what it’s like to enter a chilly home, walk right over to the thermostat, and turn the heater up to a temperature that’s baking. It seems like a good idea in the moment. You’re going to be warm faster, right? The answer is no. A higher temperature on your thermostat doesn’t actually help you warm up faster. What it does do though, is wear down your heater a lot faster.

4. Upgrade Where You Can

If you’ve had your home’s current thermostat for a while, then it’s definitely time for you to schedule an appointment with our team members. An upgrade is what’s going to help you get more from your home’s heater. New thermostats on the market like smart and Wi-Fi thermostats provide you with better energy-efficiency, better heating, and longer-lasting heating quality.

5. Know When You Need Repairs

If you’re having a significant heating issue, then you need repair work. You shouldn’t have an ongoing tussle with your heater. If you feel like your heater is starting to play mind games with you, then you need to call us. We have a full team of professionals who are experienced. We understand how to provide you with quality service. Repair isn’t ever expensive or frustrating with us. We make it easy for you.

Contact Speedy Air Conditioning Service today for your home heating services.

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