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Watch for These Furnace Issues This Winter

Winter is the most stressful time of year for furnaces, due to their increased usage. If you’re using your furnace to keep warm on a daily basis, you should keep an eye out for any problems that may crop up due to the increased usage. Let’s take a look at some common furnace problems, and when to call for repairs.

Short Cycling

Usually caused by a clogged air filter, short cycling happens when the furnace temperature rises above established safety standards. The limit switch then activates and shuts down the furnace to protect it from overheating. This is only a temporary solution, however, and won’t actually solve the root problem. When the furnace starts up again, it will overheat once more and then shut down again. This places an incredible amount of wear and tear on the system, and will continue until the furnace breaks down from the strain. Turn your furnace off and call for repairs as soon as you notice this.

Delayed Ignition

If you’re using a gas furnace, you should be aware of delayed ignition. This is when part or all of the burner assembly fires later than it should, making a loud booming sound whenever it starts up. This is caused by the buildup of carbon particles on the assembly, which eventually prevents it from firing properly. If it isn’t cleaned off, the carbon buildup can eventually cause the assembly to fail completely. Having a professional clean off your burner assembly is the usual method for solving this problem. Make sure that you have it done sooner rather than later, though. Otherwise, you might end up with a furnace that won’t actually produce heat.

If your furnace is in need of repair, call Speedy Air Conditioning Service. We offer a full range of furnace repair services throughout Hobe Sound, FL.

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