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Having These Problems? It’s Time to Upgrade Your Heater

man-bundled-up-in-blue-jacketThere comes a time in the lifespan of every heating system where it’s time to upgrade it. The majority of homeowners dread this because it means shelling out a large amount of cash for a new system. You might think that it’s cheaper to just stick with repair services indefinitely—after all a series of small charges is much cheaper than an expensive lump sum upgrade right? Wrong. Small repair or service fees really add up over time and this is especially true if you’re running an extremely out of shape system that needs constant attention from professionals. When you’re ready to upgrade your heating in Hobe Sound, FL, make sure that you contact our team.

Ditch Your Old System If…

You’re Experiencing Short Cycling

Does your heater switch on when the temperature gets low in your home, run for a little, suddenly shut off before your home even has a chance to get warm, and then turn back on again shortly after? This frustrating process is something that we refer to in the industry as “short cycling.” It’s a big problem with incorrectly sized heaters and heaters past their prime. No matter which category you fall in to, it’s a good idea to seek help from a professional contractor sooner than later if you’re experiencing this problem in your home.

Your Bills Make Your Wallet Too Light

Your heating bill should never be unreasonably high. If you feel that your heating bill is more on par with the output of a sauna than the heating power of your home, try contacting our team. A high heating bill is a direct reflection of your poor heating quality. If this is a problem that persists, no matter how many repair services you have or how much TLC you give your heating system, it’s time for an upgrade.

You Can’t Get Comfortable

Notice that you have to run your heater for a long amount of time to get comfortable? Or maybe you notice that you can’t get your home to stay warm for an extended amount of time? This reflects the quality of your heater. Your heater’s only purpose is heating your home and if it can’t do this, then it’s important to opt for a system that can.

You’re IAQ Is Low

If you have a forced-air heater in your home, it’s highly likely that it’s decreasing your indoor air quality if it’s performing under capacity. Many homeowners don’t realize the correlation. It’s so important to maintain your heater so that you can breathe easy in your home. A bad heater leads to problems with your humidity levels, dust levels, and even respiratory problems. If you have notoriously low indoor air quality then, it’s a great idea to consider upgrading to a new system equipped to handle your home’s needs.

If you’re ready to swap out your old heating system for a new one, we’re the team to call in Hobe Sound. Contact Speedy Air Conditioning Service today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional technicians.

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