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Why Heat Pumps Need Maintenance Twice a Year

Regular maintenance is very important for keeping systems like air conditioners and heaters in good condition. Normally, one maintenance appointment every year is enough to make sure that any developing problems are dealt with before they have a chance to cause any serious issues. Heat pumps, however, need maintenance a bit more often. Read on to find out why heat pumps need maintenance twice a year in order to keep them in top condition.

Heat Pump Usage

One of the biggest advantages to using a heat pump is its ability to both heat and cool a home. While this is a great thing to have, it does mean that a heat pump doesn’t receive the break time that most forced-air systems do. Because the heat pump is used twice as often as other systems, it is put under twice as much stress as those systems. That means double the chances of a full system breakdown. In order to cope with this increased chance of serious issues developing, it is necessary to have your heat pump professionally checked at least twice a year.

The Benefits of Maintenance

The whole benefit of heat pump maintenance is that it is a proactive solution to heat pump problems. Even the fastest reaction to symptoms that indicate a problem are still giving that problem time to damage your system. The only way to prevent a lot of heat pump issues before they have a chance to damage the system is to schedule professional maintenance at least twice a year. That way, you can rest assured that your heat pump is in the best possible condition to deal with the demand you place on it.

If your heat pump needs maintenance, call Speedy Air Conditioning Service. We serve the entire Jensen Beach, FL area.

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