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Why Is My Air Conditioning System Making That Sound?

air-conditionerYour air conditioner works hard to keep your home here in Vero Beach cool—we get warm temperatures for most of the year. Because our systems here in South Florida work overtime it’s likely that you’ll notice problems every now and then. Anything other than a subtle whooshing noise coming from your air conditioner is a troubling sound. If your air conditioner is making odd sounds it could be the symptom of several different air conditioning problems. If you need a Vero Beach HVAC contractor to help you find the cause of these issues, our team here at Speedy Air Conditioning Service can help.

Noises and Their Causes


If you hear clanging or banging in your system, it’s likely because of a loose part or a part that’s out of place. The outdoor unit’s fan is likely hitting something that has come loose inside of the system. If this is a sound you’re hearing, it’s a wise idea to turn your air conditioning off to avoid further damage and immediately get it fixed by a professional.


A screeching noise is typically indicative of an old belt or bearing. This is a problem that stems from your fan motor, it will need the correct lubrication to fix this. If this problem arises during hot weather and you absolutely must run your system you can, but ideally, you need this problem fixed as soon as possible.


Clicking is a clear sign of an electrical issue so this is not a sound that you should try to fix or even temporarily alleviate on your own. A soft clicking noise a normal sound to hear when you turn your system on or off but if the noise is too loud or constant it’s abnormal. The electrical problem you’re experiencing could be from varying parts of your system—anywhere from the control panel to the thermostat itself. These issues need confronting quickly before they develop into something bigger.


Buzzing is another sound that means you have an electrical problem on your hands. You’ll hear a buzzing noise when electricity moves between circuits in an unsuccessful manner. In air conditioning units this typically happens when the system is older and runs inefficiently.


A bubbling or gurgling noise coming from the air conditioner is a sign that something is off with the refrigerant line. Your refrigerant allows your air conditioner to cool. A sound like this means you might have a refrigerant leak. A refrigerant leak is an easily solved problem, but a professional with the right tools and understanding of air conditioning units should always to perform the job.

Have a Professional Take a Look

Here at Speedy Air Conditioning Service we take pride in our HVAC work always being fast, efficient, and comprehensive. Whether your system needs major repairs or a minor tune-up our technicians perform a flawless job the first time. We value our customer’s time, so we always ensure that our staff is knowledgeable and prepared for a job.

If that AC noise is driving you crazy, contact our reliable team today to schedule service.

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