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The Reason Behind Your AC’s Short Cycling Problem

Air-Conditioner-MaintenanceSo you’re at your breaking point with your AC system because it’s decided to go haywire in the midst of this heat! Short cycling might be a minor problem in spring, but it’s a major issue at the peak of the summer. If this is occurring in your home, you might not even want to know why it’s happening—you probably just want to make it stop. It’s important to understand why this has happened though. Getting to the root of the issue can help you avoid a problem like this in the future.

Short cycling causes major damage to your air conditioning system. If you’d like to ensure that your air conditioning system has a long, healthy lifespan coupled with cost-effective cooling, make sure you contact our professionals. We specialize in AC repair in Port St. Lucie, FL.

What Is Short Cycling?

You’ve always got to start with the basics, so first, we want to define what short cycling is. Short cycling is a term that we use in the HVAC industry to describe irregular cycling of an air conditioner. A lot of the time, air conditioners turn on, run for a short amount of time, stop, and then start up all over again. If you’re experiencing short cycling, you’ll notice that you’re having a lot of difficulties getting your home cool and keeping it that way. Don’t let short cycling happen in your home for too long. It will wreak havoc on your air conditioning system.

Why Is This Happening?

If short cycling is happening in your home, you probably want to look to the sky and yell this question. It’s a really frustrating occurrence and we’re going to help you find the underlying cause. Your system might be short cycling for any of the following reasons:

  • An Incorrectly Sized AC System: Bigger is always better, right? Not in the case of air conditioners! If your air conditioner is oversized, then there’s a strong chance that it will begin to short cycle. Oversized air conditioners put out way too much cooling power. That means that your home’s air conditioner won’t be able to complete a cooling cycle. If your system can’t complete a full cycle then your home won’t be able to stay cool.
  • A Clogged Air Filter: Your air conditioner’s filter collects dirt, debris, and other small particles as air passes through your system. It’s your responsibility as a homeowner to change this filter once every few months. If you’re dropping the ball on this task, you’re allowing your AC system to build up a lot of grime. Over time, it can really restrict the function of your AC system and throw off the rhythm overall.
  • You’ve Got a Refrigerant Leak: Yes, we said leak. Refrigerant is never something that “runs out” or depletes naturally over time. If you’ve noticed that your system doesn’t have enough refrigerant, then it means that you have a leak somewhere. This problem can quickly result in short cycling. Don’t settle for lackluster repair—contact our team today.

Don’t deal with short cycling for a day longer! Contact Speedy Air Conditioning Service today to schedule an appointment.

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