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It Might Be Time to Replace Your AC


Your air conditioner isn’t meant to last forever. This is just a fact. In fact, we run into many homeowners who accidentally cut the lifespan of their air conditioner short through neglect. If you’re wondering how you can improve your air conditioner’s lifespan, then you can reference one of our recent blogs for great tips or consult one of our professionals if you have specific questions. 

Today, we’d like to focus on knowing when to replace your system. There’s an art to this. We know you’re not observing and taking note of every change with your air conditioner and we don’t expect you to. We all lead busy lives. We just want to highlight some key signs that it might be time for you to upgrade so you can avoid a system breakdown.

Is It Time for You to Upgrade?

These are the signs that an upgrade for your air conditioning in Fort Pierce, FL would be a wise decision for your home. 

Old AC Age

There is a set age range that your home’s air conditioner should last. In most cases, an air conditioner will last about 15–20 years. While your air conditioner can last this long, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it should

Let’s say that your air conditioner is 16 years old. It’s probably not performing to the best of its ability the way that it once was. Even if you are getting the cooling power you’re accustomed to, we can bet that the AC’s efficiency is starting to decline. This is why it’s a good idea to have your replacement air conditioner in mind when your system increases in age. 

Poor Operation

If you’re having trouble with your air conditioner getting your home cool, then it’s a big sign that you need a new air conditioner. Your air conditioner should be able to perform well and, if it can’t, then it’s time for you to consider other systems. 

Expensive Repair Needs

Your repair needs shouldn’t be excessively expensive. Expensive repair needs that increase with cost over time are a sign your air conditioner is inefficient. It’s a bad idea to stick it out with an air conditioner that costs you this much because it’s bound to get worse as time passes. This will result in you paying a higher cost more frequently. 

High Energy Bills

Your energy bills should always be in a reasonable and expected range unless you’re doing something new. If you’re cooling your home the way you always have and you’re noticing that it’s costing you more, then your AC system is to blame. Investing in a new air conditioner will save you money in the long term. 

Unusual Noises

Your air conditioner makes a little noise when it runs, but it should never make loud noises or new, shocking noises. If you’ve only ever heard your air conditioner clicking on to start and softly passing air through your home’s vents, but now you’re hearing banging throughout your home, you’ve got an issue. Something is wrong, and our professionals can find the source of the problem for you. 

Contact Speedy Air Conditioning Service for your air conditioning replacement services. We are happy to help!

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