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How to Spot An Oncoming Repair Need

Have you ever felt hot and sweaty during the middle of the summer due to an air conditioning problem? At these moments, we know that your first instinct is to get a professional out to your home to fix it. Once the problem is solved and you’re back on track to having a cool summer, we suggest that you take a moment to reflect a little. Were there any signs pointing to this air conditioning problem?

There are typically subtle things going on that can indicate an issue. Recognizing the patterns can be very helpful. Sometimes it can help you avoid a future air conditioning problem altogether. Our professionals are committed to great air conditioning repair in Stuart, FL. If you want quality service, then we’re the team to speak with.  

Signs That Air Conditioning Trouble Is in Your Future

Here are the signs that air conditioning trouble is probably in your future.

1. Warm Air

Have you noticed that your air conditioner has had to work much harder this summer? Maybe you’re running the air conditioner for longer, choosing even lower temperatures for the thermostat, or you’re just becoming easily frustrated with the AC. Warm is a problem any way that you slice it. It’s going to create cooling problems in your home the longer you let it go on.

2. Limited Airflow

Is there limited airflow in your home? Maybe you feel like there’s less power coming from the vents. This means that you’re having trouble with your home’s airflow.

3. Loud Noises

If you notice loud or new noises coming from your air conditioner, then you need to get in touch with an AC technician. New and loud noises are a sign that further AC trouble is on the way.

4. Foul Scents

You should never smell anything funny coming from your air conditioner. Stay alert when it comes to musty scents. Strange odors mean that your air conditioner is in a state of disrepair. We can get your air conditioner back on track.

5. Excess Humidity

We’re quite acquainted with humidity in Florida, but that doesn’t mean that it should plague your home. If you feel like you’re now living in the Everglades, you should check on your air conditioner. Your AC system should be able to handle a little humidity control.

6. Incorrect Thermostat Readings

Does it seem like your thermostat is so off that it’s reading the temperature of another home? Incorrect thermostat readings are a bad sign of more trouble to come. Get help from a professional while you’re ahead to solve this AC trouble.

7. High AC Bills

Have you noticed that your air conditioning bills are starting to get a bit out of hand? Your air conditioning bills should always seem reasonable. They should correlate with the season and how you’re using your air conditioner. If you notice that your bills are out of control for seemingly no reason, then it’s time for you to schedule an appointment with us.

Contact Speedy Air Conditioning Service today to schedule an appointment with our team. We are happy to help!

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