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The Efficiency of Ductless Systems

There are many benefits to living in Vero Beach. The warm weather, the clear skies, and the beach access are enough to keep you happy here. Although you’re sure to have many days of fun in the sun in this area, it’s also important to prime your home for warm weather. If you want great HVAC in Vero Beach, FL, then it’s important to think outside the box when it comes to this part of your home. That’s why we’d like to discuss the possibility of switching to a ductless system. There are several benefits to changing to a ductless unit. We’re going to give you an overview of everything you should know below. 

All About Ductless System Efficiency

We want to start off with the details we alluded to in the title. Ductless systems have many perks that we’ll get into below. One of them is the fact that these systems are so efficient. Efficiency is something that ductless systems do well for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons that a ductless system is so efficient is because this system is a heat pump. Heat pumps move heat rather than generating it through traditional means that you’re used to. Moving heat outside during warm weather is easier on the system, its energy expenditure, and your wallet.

Another reason that your ductless system is efficient is because it uses air handlers. The air handlers allow a ductless system to provide you with either heating or cooling right where you need it. This isn’t something you’re able to do with central heating or cooling. Central systems force you to cool down all rooms connected to the ductwork rather than isolating the power to where you need it most. Isolating is great because it cuts out any unnecessary cooling or heating time and subsequently improves energy efficiency. 

The Benefits of Ductless Systems

Now, let’s take some time to talk about the other benefits of ductless systems. Efficiency is amazing and important, but there are other ways a ductless system can benefit you. 

Space Saving

If you’re one of those people out there who has been supplementing your air conditioning with a window unit, then a ductless unit is a great solution for you. Ductless units can be placed strategically so that they’re helping you without being an eyesore.

Better Comfort 

As we mentioned above, using an air handler gets you the power you’re looking for right where you need it. This means that you’ll get better comfort.


Planning on adding on to your home? A ductless system can add on with you. This is where air handlers become you’re greatest ally!

Cost Savings

Better efficiency means that you’re saving on cost. This is because you’re not wasting any time or energy on something that doesn’t directly need your attention. 

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Ducted units can be great, but they can also cause many indoor air quality issues due to the ducts. Eliminating using these ducts entirely can really help.

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