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Be Careful of These Air Conditioner Problems

air-conditionerSure we have frozen iguanas dropping out of the trees in some parts of the state this winter, but it’s probably not going to stay that way for long. As is always the case, we’re going to begin seeing hot weather long before most of the rest of the country does. That means that we’re going to be using our air conditioners much sooner, which means we’re going to be dealing with air conditioning problems much sooner, as well.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some air conditioner problems and their symptoms. If you notice your air conditioner doing any of the following things, you should probably call for repairs as soon as you can.


Most air conditioners function by evaporating refrigerant to absorb heat from the air inside the home. The captured heat is then vented outside by condensing the refrigerant gas back into liquid in the outdoor condenser coil. The system doesn’t consume refrigerant by doing this. It just recycles it back and forth the entire time the system is operating. This makes refrigerant leaks a serious problem.

A refrigerant leak will slowly rob the air conditioner of its output capacity, eventually resulting in a full system breakdown. It’s obviously in your best interest to call for repairs long before that happens. If you notice fluid dripping from your air conditioner, we highly recommend that you arrange to have it looked at by a professional before it gets any worse.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is when an air conditioner turns itself on and off at rapid intervals, instead of completing a full cooling cycle. This obviously cuts into the system’s ability to cool the home, since it’s designed to operate in specific cooling cycles. However, it also puts a lot of extra strain on the system. Short cycling over a long period of time will cause the air conditioner to break down much more often, as parts of it begin to fail under the strain. You can end up having to replace the entire system much earlier, if you’re not careful about getting the problem under control.

Air Handler Problems

The air handler is the part of the air conditioner that actually circulates air throughout the home during operation. It’s comprised of a motor, which turns a fan to blow air through the ducts. If the system’s air handler malfunctions, it won’t be able to cool your home at all. If the air conditioner is making a loud grinding noise during operation, that tends to mean that the air handler needs to have the bearings in the motor replaced. If they are not replaced in time, the motor could burn out. Call for repairs if you suspect your air conditioner’s air handler of having issues.

If you need help with your air conditioner, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians.

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