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AC Efficiency Tips You Need to Know

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It’s getting warm out there. Make sure that it’s not getting too warm in your home too.

We want you to have the best working air conditioning system possible. This starts with proper air conditioning care in Port St. Lucie, FL. Of course, you should rely on professionals for the bulk of your air conditioning services, but there are plenty of things you can do to help air conditioning efficiency on your own. We’re going to get into a few of the things you can do below.

Make sure that if you do come across problems with your air conditioner, that you schedule an appointment with our team members. We’re the ones who care about your AC services.

Simple Ways to Improve Your AC Efficiency

Here are some things you should do to help your air conditioner this spring:

Have Our Professionals Maintain Your System

It’s important to maintain your home’s air conditioning system at least once a year. You’re right on time for this if you haven’t done so already. We suggest that you schedule an appointment for your air conditioning maintenance once in spring.

If you want to maintain your air conditioner this spring, we also suggest that you inquire about our maintenance program. You know like we know that it gets hot here in Port St. Lucie. Make sure that you’re giving your air conditioner a fighting chance with ongoing maintenance.

Give Your Vents a Fighting Chance

It’s important to give your vents a fighting chance when it comes to cooling your home. If your vents are covered or blocked by anything, then this isn’t happening. Take down anything that you might have put in their way during the off-season.

Swap Out the Air Filter

It’s important to change out the HVACA system’s air filter once a season.

This air filter is in charge of keeping your air conditioner clean and ready to run. You can run out to your local hardware store today, grab yourself a filter, and swap it out within a matter of minutes. Consult with our professionals if you need guidance.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioning and your indoor air quality go hand in hand. You need clean air to get a home that’s as cool and as efficient as possible. We’ll help you with this. Consult with us and we’ll figure out your IAQ weak points.

Close Your Blinds

You should close your blinds to shut out excess light in your home. We know that you might want to wake up in the morning, open up your curtains and blinds, and let in some natural light. You can still do this! We understand that this might be a vital part of your morning routine.

What we suggest is closing your blinds during the height of the day. Letting in lots of bright light during the warmest part of the day will only make your home hotter. This will become more of a problem as the warm weather season marches on.

Contact Speedy Air Conditioning Service today to schedule an appointment. We are happy to help!

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