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5 Problems That Lead to AC Trouble


The climate in Florida is warm all year round, but the heat is turning up in the summer. As things get hotter here, you will be using your air conditioner more often to stay cool. Making sure that your air conditioner is working properly requires taking care of it. There is nothing worse than coming home after a long and hard day at work only to find that your air conditioner is not cooling as it should.

Your air conditioner might develop problems, especially during the summer, because it is working harder to keep your home cool. Eventually, you might have to call us for air conditioning repair in Jensen Beach, FL, and we would be more than happy to help.

Your air conditioner can run for a long time before you need to call us for repairs, provided that you can avoid making some of the mistakes that could lead to the unit developing issues. Below are five problems that can lead to AC trouble.

1. Not scheduling regular maintenance and tune-ups

A well-maintained air conditioning system runs smoothly without giving you any problems. Scheduling routine maintenance and tune-up services make sure that the system is clean and efficient. When the air conditioner does not have to work harder, it can continue operating without giving you trouble. Professional technicians can also detect any potential issues and fix them early.

2. Not checking and replacing the air filters

One of the most common problems that lead to air conditioner trouble is clogged air filters. The air filter makes sure that no dirt, dust, or debris enters your air conditioning system. Over time, the air filter becomes dirty and restricts airflow, forcing your unit to work harder to draw air in. An AC that has to work harder is more prone to develop major problems. Check your air filter every month and replace it as needed.

3. Ignoring refrigerant leaks

Air conditioners can develop leaks in their refrigerant lines, leading to low refrigerant levels. When there is not enough refrigerant flowing through the system, the unit must work much harder to keep your home cool. Low refrigerant can cause ice to start building up on the evaporator coil. Addressing the problem immediately can help you avoid major issues later on.

4. Blocked outdoor condenser unit

If plants, debris, and dirt block the outdoor unit that houses the condenser, it cannot draw air in properly, causing it to work harder. The additional strain on your air conditioner can lead to faster wear and tear, resulting in the need for frequent repairs.

5. Not addressing minor repairs on time

When you see the first signs of a struggling air conditioner, you should not waste any time scheduling repairs, regardless of whether it is still cooling properly. When you ignore the minor repairs, they can turn into major problems by causing significant damage to the unit.

Is Your Air Conditioner in Need of Repairs?

Your air conditioner requires maintenance and upkeep to ensure it can provide you with the cooling it should without breaking down. Taking good care of your air conditioner by scheduling regular maintenance, keeping ideal thermostat settings, replacing air filters on time, and addressing repair needs promptly can help you get the best out of your air conditioner for years to come. If you need AC services for repair or maintenance, rely on us at Speedy Air Conditioning Service.

We care about your comfort at Speedy Air Conditioning Service. Call us for service or installation inquires, we are happy to help!

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