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Why Indoor Air Quality Is Important to Maintain This Summer

clean-air-filterEveryone worries about keeping their homes as cool as possible during the summer, which makes sense. Being inside on a hot day without air conditioning is a pretty miserable time. That’s not the only thing you should be concerned with during the summer, however. Indoor air quality tends to drop in homes during the summer for a number of reasons. While it may not seem like that big of a deal, low indoor air quality can have wide-ranging negative effects on both your health and comfort. Have a look below at why it’s important to keep your indoor air quality high this summer, and how you can accomplish it.

All the Ways Indoor Air Quality Can Harm You

Don’t get us wrong, poor indoor air quality isn’t going to necessarily seriously harm you. However, it can decrease your quality of life in a number of ways. One common issue with indoor air quality is the presence of airborne contaminants. These microscopic particles include things like dust, dirt, pollen, dander, germs, and mold spores. Inhaling these contaminants in large enough amounts can cause a range of different issues, including allergy attacks and flu.

The reason this tends to worsen during the summer is because people tend to close all of their doors and windows to help with climate control. While this does make it easier to keep your home cool, it cuts off the flow of fresh air into the home. This causes airborne contaminants to become trapped in the house, where you’re continually exposed to them.

How to Deal With Low Indoor Air Quality

The best way to keep your indoor air quality high during the summer is to take steps to remove the contaminants from your home’s air. Air purifiers and filters are systems designed to remove airborne contaminants of various kinds. There are many different kinds of air purifiers available on the market, each of which is suited to a different range of contaminants.

Ionization purifiers, for example, release a cloud of ion particles during operation. Contaminants that come into contact with these particles become too heavy to remain airborne, and will collect on metal plates in the system for later removal. An air filter, on the other hand, is simply a fiber mesh that snares contaminants carried into it by the air current. A UV air purifier doesn’t actually physically remove contaminants from your air, but kills many different kinds of germs with ultraviolet light. There are a ton of different kinds of indoor air quality systems available, and it can be kind of overwhelming to sort through them all. If you’re not sure what air purifier is best for you, consult with a professional technician. They’ll be able to evaluate your home and determine the best air purifier type for your needs.

Speedy Air Conditioning Services installs and services indoor air quality systems throughout Jensen Beach, FL. If you need indoor air quality services of any kind, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.  

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