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What an Air Purifier Can Do for You


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Are you starting to consider indoor air quality services for your home? We know that this isn’t always something homeowners consider right out the gate, but trust us when we say that it’s better late than never. If you want an air purifier for your home, we’re here to help you consider everything you need for your home in particular.

We specialize in air purifiers in Hobe Sound, FL. If you’re wondering how these systems work, what they can do for you, or which one you should choose, then we’re the team to choose for your home’s needs. We’re here to guide you through absolutely everything.

What’s an Air Purifier

Let’s start off with the basics—what is an air purifier?

First, we want to let you know that the term “air purifier” doesn’t always refer to one specific type of system directly. Sometimes, the term “air purifier” is going to refer to several different systems. It’s more of a blanket term. When we talk about air purifiers at Speedy Air Conditioning Service, we’re talking about UV air purifiers in particular. So let’s get into those…

UV Air Purifiers:

UV air purifiers are air purifiers that use ultraviolet light to get rid of your home’s impurities. There is a natural level of impurity in your home that seeps in through openings. Over time, these contaminants pile up and become a bigger issue for you. This is especially true if you have family members with respiratory issues, allergies, or other problems. An air purifier is a great, low-impact way to effectively remove harmful contaminants from your home.

Can You Benefit from One?

Okay, enough about air purifiers themselves … do you need one?

Every home is different. Indoor air quality is completely contingent upon your personal indoor air. This means that what’s right for you is sort of a personal journey. Our technicians are here to help guide you along the way. Here are some straightforward signs that you can benefit from an air purifier:

  • Your energy bills are higher than you’d like them to be
  • You have trouble getting the right temperature in your home
  • You’re coughing, wheezing, and sneezing often
  • You or other members of your family have asthma or chronic respiratory illnesses

All the bullet points above are surefire signs that you can benefit from an air purifier.

Are They Really Necessary?

This is the question we hear most often from customers. The answer is a resounding yes!

Last year was a whirlwind. It changed all of our lives perspective-wise. We’re sure that you keep more hand sanitizer in rotation, that you consider the health of you and your family members more often with more importance, and maybe you’ve even started to consider a mask as part of your fashion choices.

This change in mindset is why an air purifier is so necessary. It tackles contamination, viruses, and airborne bacteria at the source. We’re here to help you.

Contact Speedy Air Conditioning Service to schedule an appointment. We are happy to help!

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