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How a UV Light Can Improve Your IAQ

We know what you’re thinking here—what type of whacky home hack is this?

This is nothing of the sort. This is actually a tried and true indoor air quality improvement method that’s backed by science and statistics. If you’ve recently come to the realization that you need a little more from your indoor air quality, then this might be the answer to all your problems.

What are we talking about here? A UV germicidal light in Port St. Lucie, FL. These are the types of systems that are going to help you get all the efficiency and health that you’re looking for in your home. Call us to learn more and schedule an appointment today.

What’s a UV Germicidal Light?

A UV germicidal light is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a light that uses ultraviolet light to disinfect the inside of your home’s ductwork system.

We place a UV light inside your ductwork and this light works to flood your ductwork with UV light. The UV light then breaks down the DNA of any airborne contaminant that’s floating around in your ductwork. This means that any mold, bacteria, or virus is going to be destroyed so you’re not breathing it in later.

UV germicidal lights are so effective because they attack the problem at the source and eliminate any potential problems you could have in your home.

The Various Benefits

Are you wondering what all the benefits of UV germicidal lights are? Here are just a few:

Fewer Germs

The fight against most germs is an invisible battle, and that’s what makes it so frustrating. The germs that you’re breathing in that make you feel so bad at home are so microscopic that they’re unnoticeable to the naked eye. So many of the nasty contaminants are just floating around in the air you breathe on a daily basis. Over time, this really adds up and has a negative impact on your daily life. A UV germicidal light is what’s going to make a significant difference in your home.

Better Health

This is probably the benefit you were expecting. Better indoor air quality means better health and a better quality of life. You want to breathe in clean air. It’s going to help you feel better every single day and in the long term.

Lower HVAC Cost

Don’t we all want to pay a little bit less where we can? A UV germicidal light can help you do this. We know what you might be thinking here: “what does my indoor air quality have to do with my energy bills?”

Well, the answer is that is has everything to do with your energy bills because your HVAC system is an ecosystem. Your HVAC unit doesn’t have to work as hard to battle against inefficiency when the air is clean. When you take away hurdles, this means that you’re going to have better, low-cost AC.

Contact Speedy Air Conditioning Service today to schedule an appointment with us for your IAQ work. We specialize in work with germicidal lights. We’re happy to help!

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