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Your Heater Needs Love Too

We know that we live in Florida and that it’s warm for the majority of the year. Our version of a “frigid” winter is the temperatures reaching the low 60s in the daytime. Although our weather may not be the coldest, it’s cold to us Floridians. We need to get our homes prepared for the cold weather to come and this starts with getting your heater in proper shape.

We know that homeowners turn to professionals like us for expertise on their HVAC in Stuart, FL. We have the expertise you need and we’re ready to pay it forward. If you want a quality heater, then we’re going to make this a reality for you. Make sure that you give your heater some love now. It will save you a headache in the months to come.

How to Prepare Your Heater for Cold Weather

Here are a few things you can do to get your heater prepared for the chilly weather headed our way. 

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

The first thing you should do for your heater is schedule yourself a maintenance appointment. Maintenance is great because it fine-tunes your heating system, gives a professional the opportunity to spot any potential problems, and gives them the time and space to fix them before they become major issues.

Maintenance is also great because it reduces the likelihood of a repair need, helps improve your energy savings, and even saves you money as well. You can even enroll in our maintenance program. It boasts many benefits that make this worthwhile service even better.

Get a New Thermostat If You Need One

A new thermostat can make all the difference. Wi-Fi and smart thermostats are great because they help eliminate inefficiency caused by user error. A smart thermostat can even anticipate your needs. We can help you find the perfect model for your home’s needs.

Replace Your Filter

Replacing your heater’s filter is something that many homeowners neglect to do. Furnace filters are cheap, easily accessible because they’re in most local hardware stores, and you can install them yourself. If you need help with the replacement process, one of our professionals can walk you through it over the phone. 

Clear Things Up

Make sure that all the vents in your home are free, clear, and ready to circulate warm air. It’s common to put furniture or even paintings in front of vents throughout the house. This is a bad practice that breeds inefficiency. A free vent will help you stay warm with less effort. 

Consider Upgrading

You’re going to reach a certain point in the lifetime of your home’s heater where replacement is necessary. If your heater is on the older side, you’re running into a multitude of problems each season, and your repairs are extensive or expensive, then an upgrade is something you should consider. 

We know that upgrades seem costly, but it’s typically wiser to get a newer, more efficient system rather than toughing it out with a heater that’s already proven itself to be inefficient. 

At Speedy Air Conditioning Service, we care about your comfort. We are happy to help!

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