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Are You Uncomfortable in Your Home This Winter? Try a Humidifier

house-in-handsSomething you might not realize is that your heating system can potentially dry out the air in your home. You should be concerned with your indoor air quality here in Florida—since newer homes here are always sealed so tightly, there are often many ways that low air quality can become a problem.

If you’re experiencing dry hair, nails, skin or respiratory problems this winter, you should probably think about your indoor air quality. Your IAQ is something that directly affects your health and the quality of your home. If you want to breathe easier this winter, make sure you install a humidifier in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Understanding Humidity

Humidity is often the equivalent of a four-letter word here in Florida. When you think about humidity, you’re probably thinking about the baking, balmy heat of mid-July. Humidity isn’t always a nuisance though. During these drier winter months, humidity becomes a savior in your home.

Dry air is actually a problem for several reasons. Without a reasonable amount of humidity in the winter (above 30% but below 50%) you will start to notice that you feel colder in your home or that you have several problems that cause discomfort. If you notice any of the problems listed below, it’s a great idea to install a humidifier.

  • Dry Hair, Skin, and Nails: Have you been thinking about getting a trim, noticed that your skin looks abysmal, or experienced your nails breaking off like crazy? This is likely due to extremely dry air in your home. Dry air doesn’t just dry out your home, it dries out your body too. Although these problems aren’t the end of the world, they’re an inconvenience that can be avoided with the right tools.
  • Frequent Colds, Coughing, Or Wheezing: If your home is so dry that it affects your body then you might notice that it becomes a lot easier for you to get a cold and harder for you to get over it. If you or anyone else in your home suffers from respiratory problems, you might notice that they worsen during these colder, drier months. Installing a humidifier helps you breathe much easier.
  • Cracked Furniture: Noticed that your wooden furnishings are starting to look a little lackluster? If your furnishings start to dry out or crack around the edges it’s more than likely due to the dry conditions in your home. A humidifier helps preserve your comfort, health, and the quality of your home.

Trust Us with Your IAQ Services

If you need a humidifier in your home then we can help you find the perfect system to balance out your moisture. So many homeowners think of indoor air quality systems as an added luxury, but we’re here to underscore just how vital these systems are for your home and for you personally. We have the best makes and models from high quality brands at the right prices. Don’t hesitate to improve the overall quality of your home this winter.

If you’d like to install a humidifier in your home, contact Speedy Air Conditioning Service.

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