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Make Sure Your Furnace Is Squared Away Before Spring

RepairmanLiving here in Florida, you know that our weather isn’t really big on seasons. Any semblance of “winter” we experience here in Port St. Lucie quickly descends into the high heat of spring and summer. Temperatures will be on the rise again shortly, so if you have a furnace in your home now is the time to make sure that all the kinks are worked out of it before you put it to rest during these hotter months.

Although the temperatures don’t get freezing cold here in Florida, they’re still cold to us, so if you’re having trouble with the efficacy of your heating system, it might be time to contact a heating professional from our team. Here at our company, we have the best heating repair services in Port St. Lucie, FL so you can count on us for the service that you need.

Last Minute Furnace Repairs You Might Need

Here are a few common problems that our team sees from homeowners during this time of year:

Irregular Run Times

If your heater turns on and runs for a long time trying to adequately heat your home or, conversely, if your heater turns on and you notice that it turns off shortly after just to turn back on again, it’s worthwhile to call a professional heating technician. From the symptoms you’re experiencing, it’s more than likely you’re working against big system inefficiencies that are negatively affecting the function of your heating system. It could be a problem stemming from your thermostat, your venting, or even the furnace itself. The only way to know for certain is through the aid of a professional.

Hot and Cold Spots

Notice that there are some spots in your home that are seemingly hot no matter what? Maybe one of the rooms in your home with lots of windows or an upstairs bedroom always feels like it could double as a hot yoga studio. Or maybe you have a room in your home that always runs freezing cold—no matter how long you run your heater, you feel as though you need to bundle up before entering this space. Hot and cold spots are often symptoms of system inefficiencies with your heater.

Dust, Dust, And… Wait for It… More Dust

Do you feel like you need to dust your home every single day? This problem is a real annoyance, but to many homeowners, it’s so benign that they never dig any deeper into the source of the problem. You might not even realize that the amount of dust in your home could be a reflection of your heater’s functional capacity. If your home is always dusty, it could be a problem with the efficacy of your heater, your venting, or a combination of both. Make sure that you contact a professional for service.

If you want to make sure that your furnace is in top shape before you turn your attention away from this system for the next few months, contact our team at Speedy Air Conditioning Service. We have staff with the right knowledge, licensing, and expertise—we’ll make sure you’re comfortable year-round!

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