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Have You Had Your Heater Maintained This Season? It’s Never Too Late!

We’re lucky to have summer almost year-round in this part of Florida, but it’s finally starting to feel like winter. The holiday season is a special time of year because it presents the opportunity to celebrate with those you love. We’re sure you’re ready, but is your home ready?

Your heater probably isn’t a unit that receives much attention when you live in a climate like ours, but your comfort in cold weather is still important, so make sure that your heater is ready for the upcoming cold months! If you need great heating services in Fort Pierce, FL, then contact our team.

How Maintenance Benefits You

We understand why many homeowners are hesitant to schedule maintenance services. After all, if the heater seems to be working well, then why arrange for maintenance? Although your system might seem alright, there could always be problems brewing underneath the service that you won’t notice without the aid of a professional. Here’s why you need maintenance:

Stay Cozy

The worst feeling is coming home from a day out in the cold, peeling off your layers of clothes, switching on your heater expecting warmth and realizing that your system is only dribbling out a weak stream of lukewarm air. You don’t want heater problems ever, but especially not in the middle of winter when you need your heater the most. If you’d like to stay warm in your home throughout this season, then schedule heater maintenance.

Get the Most Out of Your Investment

You paid a lot of money to buy your heating unit and have it installed—don’t slack on the services that keep your system healthy! Your heater should last you anywhere from 10 to 15 years, but you have to maintain this system properly for it to last this long. If you neglect your heater, you’ll run into repair problems and eventually start throwing money away on repair services. If you keep up on your maintenance, you’ll avoid all these problems and increase the lifespan of the heater.

Increase Efficiency and Save Money

Heater maintenance allows a system to run at top capacity. When you stay on top of maintenance, your heating system won’t have to exert any extra energy by working against inefficiencies. This means that your system won’t waste any extra energy—and when your system saves energy, you save money.

Why Now?

The cold weather is already here, so why schedule services now? We’ll admit that the ideal time to schedule maintenance is during fall, but it’s never too late to handle your heating maintenance. If you schedule maintenance services for your heater now, you won’t be too far behind the curve and you’ll be doing the best possible service for your system. On top of that, we have a $59 Fall Tune-up promotion going on right now for a limited time only!  Our team provides the finest maintenance services in the area, and we know how to keep you warm during the winter. When you choose our team, you’ll know you’re getting professional and reliable services that you won’t have to worry about.

Want to schedule heating maintenance? Contact Speedy Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment.

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