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Are You Overpaying for Heating During Winter?

It’s probable! So many homeowners here in Stuart overpay for their winter heating without even realizing it. A lot of factors contribute to your energy bill each month. If you’re not keeping your heating system in top shape, it’s likely that you’re overpaying for your heating services. If you only walk away from this article with one piece of information, remember you need a professional to perform your HVAC services. Professional care is the only way you can be sure your system is in top shape, so step away from the how-to YouTube videos and delete the number of that cut-rate handyman. If you need heating repair in Stuart, FL, do yourself a favor and call our team.

Signs You’re Overpaying

You Have an Old Heater

How long have you had your heater? If you’ve had your system for over a decade, then it’s time to start looking for a new system. This is true even if you don’t seem to have any problems with your heater. Every heating system has a finite lifespan, we know that this isn’t ideal considering the amount of money you invest in your heating system, but trying to push it past its reasonable limits will always result in high heating bills. A heater over the age of 10 is predisposed to being inefficient and causing you to overpay.

You Experience Uneven Heating and Cooling

Are you experiencing uneven heating and cooling in your home? To a certain extent, this is inevitable. Some parts of your home experience a high intake of sunlight while others are shaded by trees and other foliage that cause them to remain a lot colder. But if the heating is noticeably uneven then you should have a professional assess your home.

Uneven heating and cooling is caused by a myriad of things like dirty ductwork or ineffective parts. The only way to pinpoint the source is to find it and have a reliable technician rectify the problem.

Your Heater Takes Too Long to Warm Up

Do you come home, turn on your heater, and notice it takes forever for your home to get warm? This is a sign of heater inefficiency and a sign that you’re overpaying for your heating services. This is also the case if you feel your heater is constantly running but only providing mediocre heat to your home. Turn the system off and call us to have one of our technicians take a look.

You Feel Lukewarm Air

Your heater should heat your home. If you’ve noticed the quality of warm air blowing through the vents has been a little lackluster lately, it’s a sign of inefficiency. Inefficiency in your HVAC system makes you pay more because your heating system has to work harder to provide the level of heat you’re accustomed to. Even if you don’t notice the problems in your home, you’ll definitely notice them in your heating bill.

You Haven’t Had Your Heater Serviced

Can’t remember the last time you had your heater looked at by a professional? This is a bad sign. You should have the heater maintained once annually. Without this type of maintenance, your heater has too many opportunities to develop problems and inefficiencies that cost you money. When you stay up-to-date with your heating maintenance, you’ll keep your bills as low as possible.

If you think that you might be overpaying for your home heating, then contact Speedy Air Conditioning Service to schedule an appointment today.

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