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The Benefits of Ductless Heating

The days are starting to get colder, though we won’t be hit with truly cold weather for another month or two. Still, it’s important that you start preparing your home for winter right now. If you are in the market for a new heating system, you should take a look at a number of different systems to find the best one for you. Let’s take a look at ductless heating, and how it can help you this winter.

Ductless Heating

Ductless systems, also called ductless mini splits, are heat pumps that don’t rely on ducts to distribute air throughout the house. An air handler is installed in each room of the home that requires conditioning, with up to four of these units connected to an outdoor unit. When in heating mode, the outdoor unit evaporates refrigerant to absorb thermal energy from the air around it. The heat is then carried inside, where it is vented through the air handlers. Ductless systems are able to reverse their refrigerant flows, which enables them to act as either heaters or air conditioners.

Advantages of Ductless Heating

There are a number of great advantages associated with ductless heating. First, using a ductless heater means you don’t have to spend money and space on two separate climate control systems. Being able to use the ductless system all year round is quite a way to save. Ductless systems also are more energy efficient than traditional heating systems, because they don’t have to burn fuel to generate heat. Each air handler has its own thermostat, so it can operate separately from the rest of the system. If you are looking for a way to make your home more energy efficient this winter, a ductless system is a good way to do it.

Speedy Air Conditioning Service offers ductless installation throughout Jensen Beach, FL.

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