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Consider Keeping Warm with a Ductless Heater This Winter

Most people are motivated by inertia when looking for a new home heating system. That is, if they had a furnace before, they are probably going to install another furnace to replace the old one. There isn’t anything technically wrong with this way of looking for a new heating system. In the past couple of decades, though, a number of exciting new heating technologies have hit the market. Ductless heating is one of those technologies. Read on for some of the advantages of ductless heating, and why you might want to install one this winter.

What Is Ductless Heating?

A ductless heating system is a heat pump that, as you might expect, doesn’t use ducts. Instead, the system is comprised of a number of individual air handlers connected to a single outside unit by power and refrigerant lines. Up to 4 indoor air handlers can be connected to one outside unit. While in heating mode, the outside unit siphons thermal energy from the surrounding air and sends it to the individual air handlers, which release it into the home. Ductless heating systems are capable of reversing the flow of refrigerant through their systems, as well. This allows them to act as both heating and air conditioning systems.

Advantages of Ductless Heating

Since ductless heating systems don’t actually burn fuel to generate heat, they are quite a bit more energy efficient than other heating systems. The ability to offer both heating and cooling functions also saves you money that would otherwise go to a completely separate system. By installing a ductless heating system, you can save a large amount of money in a variety of ways.

If you’d like to know more, or you need a ductless heating system installed, call Speedy Air Conditioning Service. We install ductless heating systems throughout Stuart, FL.

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