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Signs That You Need to Replace Your Commercial Air Conditioner

Commercial air conditioners are among the more sturdy HVAC systems on the market. They have to be, considering how much strain they’re being put under every time they’re in use. However, though they may be able to last a long time, there will come a point where they need to be replaced. The sooner you can recognize when your commercial air conditioner needs replacing, the more money you’ll save that would otherwise be wasted on an inefficient system. With that in mind, check out some of the signs that your commercial air conditioner is nearing the end of its life.


As a system gets more and more worn down, the wear and tear it accumulates over years of use causes a steady decrease in efficiency. The commercial air conditioner has to stay on longer and longer to reach the same target temperatures, which leads to a rise in operating costs. If you notice this happening, it may be time to replace your air conditioner.

Repair Frequency

You should not need to have a typical commercial air conditioner repaired more than once or twice a year. The older a system gets, though, the more parts start to fail in rapid succession. This often results in much more frequent repair needs as a system nears the end of its life. If you need to have your commercial air conditioner repaired every few months, it’s a clear sign that the system is failing and needs to be replaced.


Commercial air conditioning systems typically last between 15 and 20 years. They can last longer, but it is recommended that you replace yours before it gets much older. If your system is older than 20 years, especially if it’s already experiencing problems, you should probably replace it.

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