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Why Does Your AC Short Cycle?


If you’ve been running your air conditioner for a while and started to notice that something is off with it, then you’ve found the right blog. Short cycling is one of the most common and harmful things your air conditioner can do. It might not seem disruptive at first, but it’s something that’s going to hurt the efficiency of your air conditioner with time. This can happen in the span of a summer.

Short cycling is something you want to remedy early on and we’re here to help you with this. Contact us when you need prompt AC repair in Vero Beach, FL that won’t sacrifice quality.

Why Is Your System Short Cycling?

So let’s get to the question that we posed in the title: why is your air conditioner short cycling? There are a few different reasons why this might happen:

Wiring and/or Electrical Problems

If your electrical connections aren’t up to standard, then it’s highly likely that you’ll run into short cycling. This happens because your air conditioner temporarily loses the power it needs to function. It’s best to call us as soon as possible if this is something you’re experiencing. Any type of electrical problem, particularly one that might involve corrosion, puts you and your family at risk.

Dirty Air Filter

If you read through our blog, you’ll see that we encourage you to change your air filter on a regular basis. A dirty air filter is a liability to your house. Dirty air filters cause your AC system to have limited airflow. Inside your AC, the hot air is going to build up while the cool air is blocked from getting in. This causes overheating and subsequent short cycling.

An Oversized System

Getting yourself an oversized air conditioning system is the express route to a short cycling problem. This is because air conditioners pump out so much cool air all at once, it’s as if it’s overshooting the target.

This causes your air conditioner to run in a way that’s incredibly irregular and ineffective. If this is the reason that your home’s air conditioner is short cycling, your only viable option is to replace the entire AC system. We’ll be able to find you the new unit that’s right for you.

What Short Cycling Does to Your System

Now let’s talk about what short cycling does to your air conditioner. We touched on how fast short cycling can make your air conditioner deteriorate in the intro. This is because short cycling requires your air conditioner to start up many times more than it should in a day. Starting is one of the hardest things that your air conditioner has to do. It requires a considerable amount of energy.

When you force your air conditioner to start up on a repeated basis like this, it’s going to wear down the AC system faster than normal. Don’t let short cycling make you a victim of an uncomfortable home this season. Address the issues you’re experiencing right now.

Contact Speedy Air Conditioning Service today to schedule an appointment. We are happy to help!

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