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Watch for These Air Conditioner Issues Over the Summer

Air-Conditioner-UnitsSummer is great for swimming, tanning, and other outdoor activities. It’s also great for air conditioner problems, however. AC issues tend to spike during the summer, when the systems are put under an increased amount of strain compared to other seasons. As you start to use your air conditioner more often to stay cool on a daily basis, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for signs that your system is in need of repairs. The faster you can identify problems, the faster you can get them fixed and the more damage to your system you can prevent. Have a look at some of the signs below that your air conditioner needs repairs.

Falling Output

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling as well as it should be, there could be a number of different things wrong with it. It’s possible that you have a refrigerant leak somewhere in the system, which is depriving it of the ability to actually absorb heat as well as it should be. It’s also possible that the air filter is just clogged, which is a much easier fix. Regardless, falling output is not a good sign. You should have a professional check out your system if you notice it.

Odd Noises

Unless you just had a brand-new air conditioner installed, you probably know what yours is supposed to sound like. You should make sure that you call a professional to examine your system if it starts to make any unusual noises. Grinding, for example, could mean that your air handler is experiencing some sort of trouble. No air handler, no air flow. Hissing and bubbling are often a sign of air bubbles in the refrigerant line, which are indicative of a leak. Any kind of noise that your air conditioner doesn’t normally make should tip you off that something is wrong with it.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is when the air conditioner turns itself on and off every couple of minutes instead of completing its cooling cycles. This could be due to an electrical issue, or a malfunctioning compressor, but what matters more than the cause is the consequences. Short cycling prevents your air conditioner from cooling your home as well as it should, but it also increases the rate at which the system wears down. The longer the system is allowed to short cycle, the more prone to breaking down it will be. Air conditioners that short cycle for long periods of time also tend to have shorter lifespans. Make sure you have your system checked out if it’s doing this. You wouldn’t want to have to replace your air conditioner a couple years early for no reason, would you?

Speedy Air Conditioning Service offers comprehensive AC repair services in Vero Beach, FL. If you need help getting your air conditioner back to normal function, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians. We can make sure that your air conditioner serves you well this summer season.

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