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Signs You Might Need an AC Upgrade

family-craftsIt’s fall here in Hobe Sound but the change of seasons doesn’t always dictate weather in Florida. We’re still experiencing hot, balmy temperatures, so it’s important to think about the function of your air conditioning. If your air conditioning gave you lots of trouble this summer, it might be the right time to think about upgrading. Upgrading in the fall gives you an ample amount of time to consider many different options. If you’re thinking of replacing your air conditioning in Hobe Sound, FL make sure to contact our reliable team here at Speedy Air Conditioning.

Signs You Need a New AC System

If you’re struggling with your air conditioning system, there are many telltale warning signs you’re ready for an upgrade.

High Energy Bills

If you notice that these last few months have resulted in unusually high cooling bills, but you haven’t changed how you’re operating your HVAC system, then it might be time to upgrade. When you have high cooling bills without any clear cause, it’s typically because your air conditioner is inefficient. If you continue to run an inefficient air conditioner, it has to work much harder to provide only adequate levels of cooling. You might not notice the effects of this overexertion until you see your bill. It’s much wiser to replace your system rather than spending an excess amount of money on continued repairs.

Low Airflow

If you’ve noticed that the airflow throughout your home seems weak, upgrading your system will solve this issue. Low airflow is a problem that has a wide range of causes (from low refrigerant to dirty air ducts) but if you’ve already repaired your system and you’re still suffering from these problems, you need a new unit.

Old Age

If your air conditioner is between the ages of 10 and 15 years old, it’s time to start looking into new units regardless of its condition. Your air conditioner is only meant to last you around 15 years at the oldest. This is still true even if you’ve maintained your system impeccably. If your unit is in this age range constantly needs repairs or isn’t doing an adequate job of cooling your home, you should replace the unit. It makes more sense to replace than repair at this age. If you need help choosing or installing a new air conditioning unit in your home, our knowledgeable technicians at Speedy Air Conditioning can help.

Odd Noises

If you hear odd noises like incessant clicking, grating, or clanking, you know you have a problem with your air conditioning unit. Some noises indicate more severe problems than others. If this is a continued problem for you, you should enlist the help of a technician. Our professional staff can help you determine the cause of this problem and help you decide if it’s a good idea for you to replace your unit.

Choose Speedy Air Conditioning Service

When you need a new air conditioning system, you want a reliable team to help you choose the correct one, install the unit, and maintain it. At Speedy Air Conditioning Service, we’re prompt, reliable, and knowledgeable in all things AC—we can help you stay cool in this Florida heat.

If you need air conditioning replacement in the Greater Orlando area, contact our team today.

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