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How Zone Controlled Cooling Can Revolutionize Your Home This Summer

a-graphic-of-zone-controlled-HVACDo you have a central air conditioner in your home? If your answer is “yes” then you should consider zone controlled air conditioning. If you have a central air conditioner you know that it can be hard to get even cooling throughout your home. This is especially true if you live in a two-story home. Zone controlled cooling lets you split your home into sections and cool them individually.

Zone controlled cooling is one of those systems that’s best to implement when you’re initially installing your cooling system. If you’re remodeling your home it’s the perfect time to look into zone controlled cooling. If you’re not though, we can walk you through the process of retrofitting this system too. If you need great air conditioning in Jensen Beach, FL make sure you contact our team.

What Is Zone Controlled Cooling?

A zone controlled system is a way to divvy up the power of your central air conditioner. Zone controlled systems divide your home into various zones (as few as two and as many as the number of rooms in your home) that are all linked to a central thermostat. This means that you can run each zone individually or run them all together if you ever need it.

This type of system is great if you have multiple people in your home. Spats over the setting of the thermostat are all too familiar in summer if you have a few people in your home. You can avoid these issues with your zone control system. If you’d like to maximize the comfort of your home and reduce the strain on your central air conditioner, contact our professionals to learn more about your options.

How This System Can Change Your Home for the Better

Here are all the ways that a zone control system can help you:

  • It Helps You Save Energy: Have you ever wanted to cool off in one area of your home? Think about it, sometimes you just want to stay cool in your room overnight or relax in the family room for a while. To do this with a central air conditioner you have to cool off your entire house. You won’t have to do this with a central air conditioner. If you have a zone control system you can just cool the places you need to rather than the places that you have to.
  • It Keeps Everyone Comfortable: As we mentioned above, zone-controlled cooling can end a lot of disputes in your home. If someone is sweltering upstairs while someone else is freezing downstairs they won’t have to compromise. Instead, you can cool the upstairs portion of your home independent of your downstairs space.
  • It Levels Out Your AC: If you have a two-story home or a home with lots of natural light then you know it can be a little difficult to cool your home evenly. Two-story homes have trouble cooling evenly because heat rises. Homes with lots of natural light struggle to cool evenly because windows and doors naturally raise the temperature of your home. Zone controlled cooling will help you offset the effects of net heat gain.

If you’re ready to take your home comfort to the next level contact Speedy Air Conditioning Service. We’ll help you keep your home cool throughout the summer.

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