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How Important Is Good Air Conditioning Installation?

So you’ve decided to buy a new air conditioner. Congratulations! You’ll be improving the quality of your air conditioning and probably saving a few bucks on those monthly bills to boot. And residents of Port St. Lucie, FL know that a good system can make all the difference in our hot, humid summers. But just as important as the unit itself is the service you use to install it. A good installation can make a huge difference over a poor one. How important is good air conditioning installation? More important than most people think.

Bad Materials

A poor air conditioning installation usually boils down to two issues: the use of subpar materials and the improper installation of specific equipment. Both can cost you money. Cheap installation materials, such as fittings and seals, will wear our quickly, creating leaks and adding stress to your system.  A quality installer wants your new AC system to run as efficiently as possible. Poor equipment sabotages that goal even before the new AC has a chance to get started.

Bad Installation

Similarly, a shoddy installation will impact the unit’s overall performance, and may even lead to serious repair bills down the line. For example, many air conditioning units feature a condensate tray, which captures condensation and drains it safely out of the system. If it isn’t installed properly, however, water can leak into other parts of the system, causing all manner of troubles. Besides the high repair bills, it leads to increased wear and tear on your AC, shortening its life and forcing you to pay more money out of pocket just to keep it running.

If you want your new system installed by professionals who have your complete satisfaction in mind, then pick up the phone and give the experts at Speedy Air Conditioning Service a call! Let us show you how much of a difference we can make!

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