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Get More from Your AC with These 5 Tips

Summers in Florida are the stuff of legends. We live in a subtropical climate that’s warm almost year-round and especially warm and humid during the months of June, July, and August. It doesn’t even have to be sunny outside here for the weather to be shockingly hot and humid. So when the temperatures rise, it’s likely that your energy bills do too, but this isn’t something that you want to deal with for an entire summer.

If you want a safe, energy-efficient, and cool summer here in our neighborhood, make sure that you come to us for your air conditioning services in Port St. Lucie, FL. We understand what it takes to keep your home in amazing shape. We’re the best HVAC contractors for the job. Call us today.

Vital AC Tips You Need to Know

Here are some simple tips that you might not have thought of that you need to know to get the most from your air conditioning system.

1. Consider an Upgrade

Now we’re not talking about a full system upgrade quite yet, what we’re referring to here is smaller upgrades like a thermostat upgrade. You need to upgrade your thermostat every so often in the same way that you upgrade your air conditioning system. Your thermostat isn’t just the switch that turns your unit on and off—it’s the brain of your air conditioning network. If you don’t have a smart thermostat or at least a Wi-Fi thermostat, then you’re going to need to upgrade now.

2. Know When to Repair

Don’t become one of those people who keeps pushing off your air conditioning repair work. If you see a problem, say something! We promise that fixing it won’t be bad when you have our team on your side. We know how to get in and out of your home and provide great work that won’t require you to try to fix your home later on. We provide affordable repair work too.

3. Run Your Thermostat at Mild Temperatures

We know that it’s tempting to dial your thermostat to a temperature that would make you shiver if it were a winter forecast. We want to take this moment to remind you that a cold temperature doesn’t mean your home is going to cool off faster. It just makes your home’s AC unit work harder. If you want fast cooling, just make sure to upgrade your AC.

4. Always Go For Maintenance

Yeah, you’re always going to need maintenance for your home. We know that it’s a little past the curve when it comes to scheduling your ac maintenance “on time,” but this doesn’t mean that you should forfeit maintenance work all together this year. It’s still beneficial. Call us today and we can be out to your home in a flash.

5. Change Your Filter Regularly

Make sure that you’re changing your AC filter at least once a season. If this isn’t getting done, you’re creating more obstacles for your air conditioning unit to hurdle over. A simple switch can save you a considerable amount of time and money.

Contact Speedy Air Conditioning Service today for your air conditioning service. We’re happy to help!

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