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Ductless Systems: The Unsung Hero of AC

ductless-mini-splitAre you past the honeymoon phase with your home’s air conditioner? This is a conclusion so many people come to during this point in the year. We have long summers here in Vero Beach, and we have very warm weather almost year-round. You need a great air conditioning system because of this.

Let’s say that you’ve decided that you need a new air conditioning system, but you don’t know where to start—you can rely on the experts on our team. Sometimes you need help with air conditioning in Vero Beach, FL and we can be the team of professionals to assess your needs and find you the right air conditioning system. You’ll never have to worry when you come to us.

What’s a Ductless Mini Split?

A ductless mini split is a heat pump system that doesn’t rely on a centralized network of ducts. Ductless mini split systems are great if you have a home without ductwork or a ductwork system that’s old and unreliable. Ductless systems are also great because they’re heat pump systems as well. Heat pumps use individual air handlers installed throughout a home rather than choosing a centralized blower coil or unit.

If you’re looking for a great air conditioning system that provides personalized, customized, cost-effective cooling for your home, speak to our team and inquire about ductless mini split systems. We can tell you everything you need to know about effective comfort solutions that match your house.

How These Systems Help Your Home

Now that you know exactly what a ductless mini split system is, you wonder about the advantages of installing one. A ductless mini split benefits your home in a few ways:

  • Customized Comfort: A problem with a central air conditioning system is that it cools off a home indiscriminately. You can’t turn on a central air conditioning system and expect it to cool off a single space, even if other areas in your home are already cooled off perfectly. If you have a home that has imbalanced heating and cooling needs or if you have some spaces of your home that just need a little extra cooling, it might be time for you to contact the professionals on our team. Ductless mini splits can help you bypass all the troubles of centralized air conditioning.
  • Better IAQ: Central air conditioning is reliable, but it can put a damper on indoor air quality. Dirty ductwork equals dismal indoor air. This is such a problem because it’s easy for your home’s ductwork to get dirty quickly. If you’re tired of coughing, wheezing, and call your local HVAC company for ductwork cleaning, you can contact our team for indoor air quality services.
  • Money Savings: Ductless mini splits systems are incredibly efficient because they only cool the spaces in your home that need cooling power rather than the spaces that have to be cooled. You can trust a ductless mini split system to cut down on your energy expenditures and save you a significant amount of money annually.

Contact Speedy Air Conditioning Service today to schedule an appointment with our professional team of air conditioning technicians.

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