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Your AC Won’t Last If …

If there’s one thing you need in Florida, it’s your home’s air conditioner. If you’re worried about getting great air conditioning service, it’s important for you to get the quality service that you’re looking for from our professionals. Your air conditioner is going to last you a lot longer if you keep these tips in your back pocket.

We specialize in air conditioning in Vero Beach, FL. This means that we know all the ins and outs of everything AC. We’re local professionals too. This means that we understand your particular needs because we live in the area too. We’re going to have your back with everything that you need.

Stop Doing This to Your AC!

Here are a few things you need to stop doing to your air conditioner if you want it to last longer into your future. We’re going to help you with your AC.

1. Turning Your Thermostat Temperature Down Too Far

It’s no secret that it is hot into Florida. We’re sure that sometimes you walk into your home after a long, hot day out in the sun and all you want is relief. It’s easy to lose sight of your best AC practices when your house is this warm. You might head over to your thermostat and crank it down to a chilly temperature on a day like this. While this is understandable, it’s a terrible practice and it’s going to shorten the lifespan of your AC system.

2. Neglecting Your Air Filter

You should change your home’s air filter at least once a season. If you’re neglecting your home’s air filter, it means you’re hurting your AC system. Your air filter is designed to keep your home’s air conditioner clean and ready to run. If you skip out on replacing it then you’re passively hurting your system.

3. You Skip Out on Maintenance

You need to schedule an appointment for AC maintenance at least once a season. Maintenance is an opportunity for our professionals to take a closer look at your system and knock out any budding problems. We’re here to solve issues for you.

4. You Never Update Your Thermostat

When was the last time that you updated your home’s thermostat? If you can’t recall or it’s just been a while, you’re going to need to upgrade it now. Digital thermostats are the bare minimum now. You need to have a Wi-Fi or smart thermostat to get the best AC efficiency possible. We’re going to help you find the perfect unit for your needs.

5. You Skip Out on Repair Work When You Need It

Let’s be honest here—sometimes you know that your air conditioner needs help, but you don’t want to call a professional for more work. You might avoid professional care because you think it’s going to be too expensive, but we’re going to make sure that it’s affordable for you. Make sure that you schedule an appointment with us for any HVAC service.

Call us for your air conditioning service. We are happy to help!

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