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5 Signs Your AC Needs a Helping Hand

Air conditioner in need of service or repair.Extend that “Spring Cleaning” energy to your air conditioner too! It’s already started to heat up here in Port St. Lucie, FL so you might have noticed that you’ve had a little trouble with the function of your AC. If your unit leaves something to be desired, then you might want to consider contacting our team of experts for air conditioning repair in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Air conditioning is one of the most vital aspects of your home here in Florida. The last thing you want is a defunct air conditioner in your home as the debilitating heat of summer approaches. If you haven’t schedule repair services because you’re worried about the cost, you can come to our team for affordable, quality services.

You Should Repair Your AC If …

Your Home Feels like a Swamp

Is your home way too humid for your liking? This is a big sign that your air conditioner has seen better days. While our humid conditions here in Florida can benefit from the help of a supplementary indoor air quality system like a dehumidifier, your air conditioner should be able to fend off a large portion of your homes’ humidity. If this isn’t the case in your home, we suggest calling our professional team and scheduling an appointment for repairs before the weather heats up.

Water Leaks from Your Outdoor unit

Leaking is always a bad sign. It’s really common for a malfunctioning air conditioner to leak from the outdoor unit. It’s normally a sign that you’re having a significant issue with your refrigerant.

There’s a common misconception that your AC “runs out” of refrigerant or that leaking is to be expected. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Make sure that you contact a professional at the first sign of a leak.

Your AC Bill Is Too High

Have you ever gone without air conditioning on a hot day just because you’re afraid of what the bill will look like at the end of the month? If you gave a knowing nod or answered “yes” while reading that last phrase, then it’s time to call a professional. You shouldn’t live in fear that your air conditioner will fail. A great air conditioner that runs well should always cool your home off for a low cost.

There are Loud Noises Coming from Your Unit

When your air conditioner starts to malfunction you’ll notice odd noises like clicking, banging, rattling, or squeaking. All these noises denote a different problem with your air conditioning system. The best way to pinpoint the problem and eradicate it quickly is through the aid of a professional technician.

Your Thermostat is Inaccurate

Don’t second guess yourself if you think your thermostat is a little off. You know what your home should feel like and how your home feels when everything in your air conditioning system is calibrated correctly. If you think that your thermostat reading doesn’t actually reflect the temperature of your home, your air conditioning system has malfunctioned somewhere along the line.

If your air conditioner is crying out for help then make sure you call our team. You can contact Speedy Air Conditioning Service to schedule an appointment with our air conditioning experts today.

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